JOURNEY dinner clubs (JDC)

What is the purpose of Journey Dinner Club?

Our purpose is simple, yet vital to the life of our house. We believe people connect through relationships. Journey Dinner Clubs (JDC’s) are designed to begin, develop and deepen relationships of people through the simple act of hanging out and sharing a meal. Relax and have fun with it… relationships WILL happen. We also believe JDC's embody four basic principles of discipleship. They are Relational, Biblical, Missional and Reproducible.

How to get started:

  1. Decide what night of the week, time and date you would like to hold your first JDC and get it on the calendar.

  2. Establish how often your JDC will come together. (This is just an example: Once a month, on the 1st Friday night, starting in September)

  3. Choose 3-4 couples or 6-8 singles (depending on if you are married or single) you would like to get to know and invite them to your first JDC. Crazy thought... They don't even have to be part of our church body!

  4. Gather and develop an email list, text numbers, FB messaging group or some form of communication you will use to communicate with your JDC members.

  5. Communicate the schedule with time, date, host schedule, etc with everyone invited.

Guidelines for a successful Journey Dinner Club:

  1. No kids allowed! If you have little ones, find a sitter!  We all love kiddos, but this night is for adults to build life long relationships and deep friendships that are vital to our health.

  2. On your night to host, you will do everything: plan, shop, cook and clean. The nights you are a guest, you just show up, drink your favorite beverage, eat amazing food, laugh until you cry and leave your friend’s kitchen an absolute crime scene.

  3. You are not allowed to bring anything to dinner if it's not your night to host, unless it's your favorite beverage.

  4. What happens at JDC stays at JDC!

I've started a Journey Dinner Club ... What's next?

After sending out your initial invitations, do a follow up with everyone to secure the first date and time… then you’re off and running! Remember; let the main thing be the main thing. JDC’s are about building relationships and doing life together! If you do this, you will develop and deepen relationships with people that will last a lifetime. This could be one of the most enriching experiences you and your newfound friends will ever have. Just imagine the depth of friendships and discipleship that will happen, as you actually begin to do what Jesus did with His friends. Enjoy your new journey into JDC!

Still have questions about Journey Dinner Club?

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