Room for Dreams

"Room for Dreams" exists to love, comfort and provide for those in need by designing, restoring, and creating new bedroom spaces for deserving children. We desire to provide a safe haven, in which children flourish; surrounded, inspired and motivated by things they love!

We will receive most candidates from Waller Assistance Restoration Ministries, Inc; a local non-profit who provides emergency assistance with the goal of restoration. Prior to the referral, W.A.R.M. conducts an application process, addressing the family's needs, allowing "Room for Dreams" to proceed in confidence.

After receiving the referral, our team will spend time with the family; specifically focused on getting to know the child(ren). During that time, we aim to discover the child's passions; what they love, including, hobbies, free-time activities, inspirations, and aspirations! Our desire is that the children we work with would have a “Room for Dreams” as they are enveloped by a new space that motivates, comforts and inspires them!

After assessing the current condition of their space, we will address the necessary repairs, as well as what aesthetic improvements would enhance the room. Repairs and improvements may include sheet rock, flooring, window treatments, hardware, furniture, bedding, lamps, plugs, switches, etc. Once completing our assessment, the design team will meet to create a plan for the child's new dream room.

In order to meet our goal of completing a minimum of 6 bedroom spaces per year, we continuously seek to acquire pieces for a furniture bank, which provides inventory for our projects. In order to best appropriate our resources, we find joy in utilizing pieces we have, along with those donated or found. We re-purpose, re-use, & re-cycle items that others see no value in; re-creating them to work with our design plan. In addition, we seek to recruit volunteers skilled in various trades to join our team, utilizing the gifts and talents God has given them! =)

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